Reading Buddies

Reading is to the mind, what exercise is to the body. - Sir Richard Steele


The Reading Buddy Program at South Dodge is a mentoring program with Reading Achievement as one of it’s components. “Reading Buddies” as they are traditionally referred to as, spend time with their student and usually read a book together.

Many, Many thanks to all of our volunteers for all the countless hours they have spent with our students. If you are interested in becoming a Reading Buddy, call Dodge Connection at 1-478-374-1997.

It only takes a small amount of your time each week but means so much to a student.

Having a READING BUDDY is a fun way to help children learn to read. In Buddy Reading, an adult or child who knows how to read well reads with a child who can't read as well. Together they choose a book that isn't too hard and find a good spot to read.
Buddy Reading helps the person who can't read as well hear the sounds of words when someone else reads with them. When they learn the sounds of the words better, they are able to figure out the pronunciation of the words. The better reader helps the other reader as they read the book together. The readers can take turns reading, or read the words together. The better reader can help with pronunciation, the meaning of words, and understanding the story. They can ask questions as they read. The buddy can give clues when the student reader gets stuck on a word.
Questions like:
"What sound does the word start with?"
"What word would make sense there?"
"Does that sound right?"
"Will the picture help you?".
The better reader might ask questions about the story like:
"Who are the characters?"
"Where does the story take place?"
"What problem does the character have?"
"What kind of trouble is in the story?"
"How is the problem fixed?"
"Tell me what is happening in the story so far."
Anyone can help people who can't read by reading to them, or reading with them and when they stumble on a word, you can help them sound out the word. A good reader always uses at least two strategies before giving the word to the reader who is learning.
Everybody needs to learn to read. Reading is used every day in everything you do. So find a buddy and take the time to help someone become a better reader.